Travel has certainly become a new phenomenon. It seems like we are constantly looking for reasons and ways to get away. Whether it be to take a break from work, to get away from an uncomfortable situation, or just to unplug and reset. Travel is a trend. A fantastic, exhilarating, uncomfortable trend.

Wanderlust mentality and the desire to just pack up and go is something that is really powerful, and possibly intoxicating. It’s exciting and it creates a rush, similar to an addiction. Think about how often you go to your 9 to 5 job with the desire to go home. You save your paid time off and wish that you could get away. Life can become boring, stagnant and monotonous.

Travel is looked at as something that’s glamorous and not possible for the ordinary working person. We watch our friends take trips and post pictures on their social media and live vicariously through them, sometimes with envy and resentment.

I’m here to tell you that travel doesn’t have to be glamorous and can be done relatively inexpensively if you know how. I’ve booked trips to Europe for 7-10 days and have paid less than $1000 total for airfare and accomodations!

We also travel because we want to learn about other cultures, foods, sights, and to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. There is truly no better feeling than stepping off a plane in a foreign country, an unknown continent, and truly experiencing it.

Traveling brings us closer together as people. There is a lot of fear of the unknown in this world. We are typically scared of people who are different than us and things that we don’t understand. Being in a country where your language is no longer the primary can feel intimidating. I’ve traveled all over the world. For the most part, people are people. We all want the same things. Connection, love, relationships, fulfillment, purpose. You can express through more ways than just verbiage.

I’m here to help you manifest this mentality. I want to empower you to travel often, and to push yourselves outside of your comfort zone and to experience life. Whether you want to leave your town, your state, or your country, I will help you make this a reality. If you’d like to receive more travel blogs, sample itineraries, travel deals, travel tips and cheat sheets, please subscribe to my mailing list. You can also follow me on the following social media outlets: Facebook & Instagram

Patrick Casale

Travelling is exciting and important but it's also scary and overwhelming. Traveling creates more cultural awareness and helps us connect to people in a way that no other experience can. I'm here to help you travel more and to experience life to fullest. Get out of your comfort zone and let me empower you to take the trip of your dreams. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for travel tips, deals, photos, and more. Are you ready to start planning your trip?