Patrick Casale | Travel Coach

Travel coaching is similar to life coaching. I am a licensed mental health and addictions therapist who often works from a coaching perspective. Although I am not wearing my therapist hat during coaching, I am highly educated and experienced in human development, psychology, emotional regulation, anxiety management, and incorporating mindfulness into daily life.

As a travel coach I will help you navigate the tricky and complex emotions that come up during planning trips, actively traveling, or even thinking about traveling

Maybe you feel undeserving of spending money on a trip but desperately need to get away? With the combination of my trip planning & travel coaching services I can help you work towards feeling worthy of relaxing, and deserving of self-care.  We can work together to create a budget that feels realistic and then I can help you take those action steps needed to start your journey.

Perhaps you travel often, and alone. Traveling solo is unbelievably empowering but it can also leave you feeling isolated and lonely. We can schedule virtual check-ins to ensure that you feel in control of your emotions and are able to process your experience in a healthy, constructive way.

Traveling is such a sought out experience but it also causes immense amounts of stress and anxiety. A lot of the traveling process can feel out of our control. From planes delayed/cancelled to landing in an unknown country where you don’t know the language, the process can feel like too much to take on.

I can help you navigate the emotions that come with traveling as well as teach you very healthy coping skills to regulate your anxiety and increase your feelings of control.

Perhaps you’re planning a family get away but your family triggers you. This is fairly common, and navigating the complexities of family dynamics during a trip where people are “supposed to be happy and healthy” can feel very uncomfortable.

I can help you not only manage expectations, but coach you through setting boundaries for yourself and others in order to feel more empowered and comfortable with the trip itself.

Managing expectations is a big one when it comes to travel. We assume that we’ll book a trip and then our worries will fade away. A lot of the time we create expectations that feel unrealistic or unmet. We assume that each day of our itinerary will go without hiccup or issue and that it will be “magical” the entire time.

This is generally not the case as travel causes as much stress as it does joy. I will help coach you through this, using positive psychology, mindfulness and teaching you how to re-frame your experiences.

Maybe you work long hours, and consider yourself somewhat of a “workaholic” or are very achievement oriented. You travel a lot but you don’t know how to disconnect and set healthy boundaries. You could be on paid time off but you’re checking your work emails and responding unnecessarily.

I can help you relinquish some of the control and coach you through being able to set healthy boundaries, establish self care habits, and learn to relax.

You’re planning a “heritage” trip to your country of origin. You’re nervous, you’re excited, and more importantly, you’re nervous. Emotions are coming over you with intensity. You don’t know why.

Let me help you explore where your emotions are coming from, and help you accept them, sit with them, and thrive with them.

Travel Coaching Packages

Travel coaching is sold in packages to make the cost affordable to you. Sessions are sold in 45-minute increments. Coaching can be done virtually or via phone. If you’re local to Asheville, NC coaching can be done in person as well.

Package 1 ($250)

Package 1 includes 3, 45-minute coaching sessions. This package is best for those who are planning a shorter trip and need help processing their emotions around it. Package 1 would be good for those who want a coaching session pre-trip, during the trip, and post trip.

Package 2 ($500)

Package 2 includes 6, 45-minute coaching sessions. This package is best for those of you who are planning longer trips, with more detail and more to work through our process. These can be broken up however you see fit. There can be multiple coaching sessions before, during, and after the trip to help you work through anything that came up, expected and unexpected.

Package 3 ($1,000)

Package 3 includes 10, 45-minute coaching sessions. This package is great for those who need coaching sessions, multiple times a week. Maybe your trip is something that is causing mental anguish, grief, overwhelming anxiety, or is complex in nature. Perhaps you’re struggling to work through feeling worthy enough to travel, experiencing stress around finances, or don’t know where to begin.

Package 4 ($Custom)

Package 4 includes an on-site, travel coach. You can hire my services, to assist you live and in person, during your trip. This also includes traveling with you to coach you through anxiety around flying, or stressors of renting cars, and navigating your itinerary. Cost varies based on trip, length of stay, and logistics. Please call to discuss options and create a custom quote.