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Welcome to Empowered Escape! Let me help turn your travel dreams into reality. I offer Travel Coaching and Trip Planning Services. No trip is too big or too small. Whether it’s your dream to climb Machu Pichu or you simply need a spontaneous weekend away, I would be happy to help you plan your trip, down to every last detail.

Patrick Casale | Travel Coach @ Empowered Escape

As a licensed therapist and avid traveler, I can also help coach you through the emotions that surround traveling and experiencing the unknown. Whether it feels like overwhelming anxiety, or pure elation, let me help you unlock your full travel potential.

Why Travel?

Why not? You will learn, grow, and see amazing things! Here are some more reasons to travel, in case you need more.


Get away from your boring 9-5 jobs and monotony of life. Leave your dogs, family and friends (unless you are traveling with them) and grow beyond yourself.


To truly experience relaxation. Whether that means sitting on a beach somewhere, doing nothing but taking the waves of the ocean in or hiking through a beautiful trail in an unknown forest. We need time to re-set, decompress, and to actively enjoy life.

The History

Whether it’s visiting the Colosseum in Rome, where civilization began or the Mayan temples in Mexico. The world is a beautiful place with so much to experience and so much to do.


Traveling builds courage and creates empowerment!

There is nothing like stepping off the plane in a foreign, unknown country and feeling out of your element but also feeling alive! The rush, the sensations, the sounds, the smells, the sights…

To Experience Other Cultures

This is so important. As our world becomes “smaller” through technology, there is also a lot out there that most of us have not experienced. This can lead to fear of others, fear of differences, and even ignorance. The more we travel and immerse ourselves in different areas of the world or country, we get to experience how other people live, eat, sleep, function. There is nothing more beautiful than this

The Food!

Oh my god, the food! Eating tapas in a small, crowded bar in Seville. Sharing a pint of Guinness and eating fish and chips in a pub in Dingle, Ireland. Having fresh sushi in Japan, after exploring the fish markets of Tokyo. Watching the fisherman bring fresh grouper onto the docks of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Food and conversation are how we explore other cultures. Wandering into an off the beaten path type of place, sitting down next to people who live and work in that city, talking to them and sharing a meal. If you love watching Anthony Bourdain, you can certainly relate.

Why Hire A Travel Planner?

Let’s be honest, planning travel is overwhelming. Even best laid plans to research the fun stuff doesn’t always happen and there are so many recommendations, where do you begin? You want to just set it and forget it, and leave the planning to someone else. Why not take the advice of a seasoned World Traveler and let me guide you? Here some more reasons to leave it to me.

It’s just not your area of expertise and you want this trip to be “perfect”.

-Where do you even start?

You’ve never been out of the country and that feels really scary.

-You’ve never had to organize transportation in a different area of the world.

You’ve never traveled on an airplane or feel intimidated to do so.

-You’d like to experience something different than the “normal tourist destinations”.

You want to find good deals, cheap flights, and unique accommodations.